South Pacific

Take things slow and experience the South Pacific’s cool island elegance

Diverse and vast

A series of dots spread across the world’s biggest ocean, the South Pacific Islands are as diverse as the region is vast. Compare tiny Tuvalu to uber-chic Bora Bora or romantic Mo’orea; measure up adventure-filled New Zealand to urbanised Australia; or experience the contrast between the mountain hills of Ovalau and the flat atolls of the Tuamotu Archipelago. On your next Feadship charter, discover how each island nation shows off its distinctive flair, eye-catching panoramas and impeccable crystal waters in its own unique way. With latitudes to cover all tastes, the South Pacific invites you to discard your watch in preparation for ‘island time’ and spend a lazy day on one of its many beaches.


Stretching over 2,300 kilometres, covering some 350,000 square kilometres and unifying over 2,000 reefs, the Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s pride and joy. As the largest spread of living coral in the world, you could spend ages exploring its gardens, pinnacles, channels, gutters and caves. Australia’s shoreline attracts avid sailors with its small laid-back surfing villages, avant-garde cities filled with culturally rich sightseeing opportunities and golden sand beaches. This year, familiarise yourself with Australia’s picturesque littoral, traditional outback lifestyle and magical coral reefs from the luxury of a Feadship.


Any time winter takes over the Northern Hemisphere, charter a Feadship in New Zealand for some summertime adventure. As a truly unique cruising destination, New Zealand sparkles with its cobalt blue seas, pristine silver beaches and never ending subtropical forests. Its unique landscape of mountain peaks, rushing rivers, and peppered offshore islands creates the perfect setting for out-door activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and diving. If you love an adrenaline rush, take a helicopter ride over spectacular ice pinnacles to Fox Glacier; go white water sledging in Queenstown; or dive the stalactite and stalagmite-filled chambers at Riwaka Caverns. Chartering a Feadship in New Zealand waters promises adventure at every turn.

A Feadship charter in the South Pacific will enchant you with its kaleidoscope of colours, flavours and cultural experiences.

Indian Ocean

The Sanskriet name for this world's third largest oceanic division is Ratnākara 'the mine of gems', which would explain for the hidden wonders that can be found here. Whether your charter holiday takes you to the amazing Seychelles archipelago or the exquisite Maldives, you will be sure to be stunned.