Northern Europe

Off-the-beaten path charter destination with unspoiled charisma

Simply magnificent

Offering summer days with up to 20 hours of daylight, Northern Europe tempts with its eye-catching shoreline, majestic landmarks and charming seaside villages. Appreciate the marvellous Art Nouveau architecture in Latvia, the imposing royal castles of Scotland or the soaring spire churches of Russia. Factor in the luxurious storybook landscape of Germany, the colourful Dutch tulip fields and the lost-in-time Viking settlements of Sweden – and you’ll understand why Northern Europe is simply magnificent.


Norway’s unblemished waterways manage to tantalise even the most experienced traveller with their gushing waterfalls, enchanting villages and eclectic wildlife. To get the most out of Norway, come during the summer months when twilight comes after midnight and ends just four hours after. Take an early morning kayak to discover a sheltered fjord with its steep mountains and hidden coves. At night, snuggle up with a blanket on the sun deck to watch the brilliant phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, a display of colours and rhythms that will enchant all who witness it. Traverse the ice-blue waters of Norway aboard a Feadship for an incredible and memorable adventure.


From one-pub villages exuding rustic flair to large and sophisticated cities, the United Kingdom pays homage to traditions and new beginnings alike. Along with royal castles and historical monuments, a sailing journey in the United Kingdom’s coastal waters reveals archetypal port towns, classic seaside resorts and miles of eye-catching beaches. Head out to the Isle of Wight for a classic sailing regatta or to Wales for one of its 600 imposing castles. Listen to the beats of drums and trumpets at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo or kiss the Blarney Stone and hope for the gift of the gab. Reward yourself by chartering a vintage Feadship to see the noteworthy sights around the United Kingdom’s shorelines.

Despite its growing popularity, Northern Europe is still relatively unspoiled, making it the perfect destination for a one-of-a-kind Feadship charter.


A string of delightful pearls linking North and South America in a gentle west-to-east curve, the Caribbean oozes with personality. The distinct presence of French, British, Dutch, Spanish and North American influences allow for an exciting medley of cultures and scenery. Enjoy island-hopping between charismatic Saint Martin, fashionable Saint Barthélémy and historical Antigua. As you drift through the Caribbean waters on your next Feadship charter, take a moment to notice the uniqueness of each island nation. Whatever type of holiday you want to have, for sure your island of choice is in the Caribbean Sea.