North America

A myriad of sailing opportunities for those who seek out adventure

Seafaring charisma

Immense and diverse, North America’s cruising grounds show off an intoxicating blend of exciting wilderness, cultural wonders and vibrant international communities. Discover nautical allure in Newport, pristine waters full of marine life in the Gulf of California, Art Deco architecture in South Beach or imposing glaciers in the Inside Passage. Enjoy basking on a sun-drenched beach in Malibu, taking pictures of a foggy afternoon in tiny Peggys Cove or dancing to Irish music on George Street in St John’s in Newfoundland. From Anchorage to Boston and everywhere in between, charter a Feadship to seek out North America’s seafaring charisma.


With snow-capped mountain peaks, massive glaciers and colossal icebergs, Alaska’s remote Nordic setting is an enchanting incarnation of nature at its best. Photograph a humpback whale displaying its health and energy by breaching, tail slapping, spy hopping and charging other males. Witness a bald eagle flying over a herd of harbour seals; catch a brown bear snacking on a feast of wild salmon swimming upriver; or kayak alongside a romp of adorable otters. During the short summer season, encounter the dramatic frozen scenery of Alaska and its fascinating wildlife from the decks of a Feadship.


Offering a strong maritime heritage of fishing, sailing and cruising, North East America attracts hordes of visitors looking for a quintessential sliver of American elegance. Regale yourself a cup of New England clam chowder followed by beer-battered fish and chips in Boston. Marvel at the opulent late-19th-century stately homes originally built for the Vanderbilt and Astor families along the eye-catching shores of Rhode Island; then admire the soaring skyscrapers of modern-day Manhattan. On your next Feadship charter, sail along Northeast America’s diverse coastline for Cape Cod’s presidential legacy, Nantucket’s classic sense of cool or New York City’s exciting cosmopolitan lifestyle.

From the chic atmosphere of bohemian New Orleans to the laidback vibes of progressive Seattle; from the artistic expression of Toronto to the effervescent nightlife of political Washington, D.C.; discover how no two North American cities are alike on your next Feadship charter.

South pacific

A series of dots spread across the world’s biggest ocean, the South Pacific Islands are as diverse as the region is vast. Compare tiny Tuvalu to uber-chic Bora Bora or romantic Mo’orea; measure up adventure-filled New Zealand to urbanised Australia; or experience the contrast between the mountain hills of Ovalau and the flat atolls of the Tuamotu Archipelago. On your next Feadship charter, discover how each island nation shows off its distinctive flair, eye-catching panoramas and impeccable crystal waters in its own unique way. With latitudes to cover all tastes, the South Pacific invites you to discard your watch in preparation for ‘island time’ and spend a lazy day on one of its many beaches.