Indian Ocean

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Indian Ocean

The Sanskriet name for this world's third largest oceanic division is Ratnākara 'the mine of gems', which would explain for the hidden wonders that can be found here. Whether your charter holiday takes you to the amazing Seychelles archipelago or the exquisite Maldives, you will be sure to be stunned.


White sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, lush nature, friendly people and great food make the Maldives an attractive holiday destination. And there’s no better place to spend this holiday than onboard your favourite Feadship. The Maldives encompass a range of so called atolls - ring shaped coral reefs that partially or entirely encircle a lagoon. Here's a selection of atolls that are truly worth visiting. 


Visit the stunning Seychelles archipelago on your next Feadship charter. Comprising 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, the Seychelles are known for beautiful coral reefs, pristine beaches, nature reserves and rare wildlife, thus forming a marvellous backdrop for many luxury resorts. A perfect destination for a perfect holiday. There are so many places to go here, so we've selected the top destinations.

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