Caribbean Sea

Glittering azure waters and pristine white beaches - what more can you wish for?

Unique island nations

A string of delightful pearls linking North and South America in a gentle west-to-east curve, the Caribbean oozes with personality. The distinct presence of French, British, Dutch, Spanish and North American influences allow for an exciting medley of cultures and scenery. Enjoy island-hopping between charismatic Saint Martin, fashionable Saint Barthélémy and historical Antigua. As you drift through the Caribbean waters on your next Feadship charter, take a moment to notice the uniqueness of each island nation. Whatever type of holiday you want to have, for sure your island of choice is in the Caribbean Sea.

Virgin islands

Surrounded by dreamy turquoise waters perfectly suited for water sport activities, the Virgin Islands are the quintessence of sailing grounds for a Feadship charter. Once a famous sanctuary for privateers such as Sir Francis Drake and "Black Sam" Bellamy, the Virgin Islands invite those who seek their inner buccaneer. Both the British and American Virgin Islands should be explored with a smile in the company of the ones we love.


 With their surreal crystal blue seas, collection of flawless white sandy beaches and cool ocean breeze, the Bahamian waters are the picture-perfect depiction of your seafaring dreams. Breathe in the fresh oceanic air; re-read your favourite book in the comfort of a shaded hammock; walk along the water’s edge for a moment of personal reflection; or doze on the sun deck at sunset. Disconnect from the outside world, find inner peace and enjoy your very own slice of heaven on your next Bahamian Feadship charter.

Don the multihued Caribbean palette of pinks, yellows and blues as you embrace the Caribbean Sea on your next Feadship charter.

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