amazing charter destinations

Explore these destinations to get prepared for the holiday of a lifetime!

Eastern Mediterranean

With its gentle summer breezes, lively medieval villages and whimsical markets, the Eastern Mediterranean littoral is, without doubt, the perfect blend of Western sophistication and Eastern fascination. Exuding an eclectic mix of culture and charm, this distinctive and diverse coastline draws globetrotters with its sheltered coves, sparkling blue waters, chic day clubs, thriving discotheques and distinguished eateries.

Porto vecchio, corsica

West Mediterranean

From the historic chic of Sicily to the glamorous elegance of the Côte d’Azur, explore the golden shoreline of the West Mediterranean Sea. Beside the stunning beauty of idyllic coves and yachting oases, this enticing littoral attracts jetsetters with its myriad chic beach clubs and celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants, its remarkable distinctive architecture and its impressive selection of designer boutiques.

Rosendal, norway

Northern Europe

Offering summer days with up to 20 hours of daylight, Northern Europe tempts with its eye-catching shoreline, majestic landmarks and charming seaside villages. Although often overshadowed by the sunny waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this off-the-beaten-path charter destination retains its unspoiled charisma and sense of exclusivity where noteworthy history, eclectic culture and incredible scenery converge. Appreciate the marvellous Art Nouveau architecture in Latvia, the imposing royal castles of Scotland or the soaring spire churches of Russia. Factor in the luxurious storybook landscape of Germany, the colourful Dutch tulip fields and the lost-in-time Viking settlements of Sweden – and you’ll understand why Northern Europe is simply magnificent.


The Caribbean Sea

A string of delightful pearls linking North and South America in a gentle west-to-east curve, the Caribbean oozes with personality. The distinct presence of French, British, Dutch, Spanish and North American influences allow for an exciting medley of cultures and scenery. Enjoy island-hopping between charismatic Saint Martin, fashionable Saint Barthélemy and historical Antigua. Dance to the familiar rhythms of reggae in enchanting Jamaica; follow the whistles and cowbells in colourful Nassau; or listen to a little Jimmy Buffet in peaceful Anguilla. As you drift through Caribbean waters on your next Feadship charter, take a moment to notice the uniqueness of each island nation.



Exotic and intriguing, Asia invites visitors with its spiritual temples, world-class beaches, captivating wildlife and mesmerising cuisine. Entwined by shared history and drawing on worldwide influences, Asia’s spirit remains strong, warm and welcoming. From Hong Kong's commercial authority to Manila's newfound luxury, from Tokyo's futuristic lifestyle to Singapore's tiger economy, and from Indonesia's deep forests to India's crowded towns, Asia is a showstopper with a cultural and historical legacy. If exploration is what you are seeking, submit to the unique charm of Asia from the comfort of a Feadship charter.


North America

Immense and diverse, North America's cruising grounds show off an intoxicating blend of exciting wilderness, cultural wonders and vibrant international communities. Discover unruffled beaches in Cape Hatteras, nautical allure in Newport, pristine waters full of marine life in the Gulf of California, Art Deco architecture in South Beach or imposing glaciers in the Inside Passage. Enjoy basking on a sun-drenched beach in Malibu, taking pictures of a foggy afternoon in tiny Peggys Cove or dancing to Irish music on GeorgeStreet in St. John's Newfoundland. From Anchorage to Boston and everywhere in between, charter a Feadship to seek out North America's seafaring charisma.

South Pacific

A series of dots spread across the world's biggest ocean, the South Pacific Islands are as diverse as the region is vast. Compare tiny Tuvalu to uber-chic Bora Bora or romantic Mo'orea; measure up adventure-filled New Zealand to urbanised Australia; or experience the contrast between the mountain hills of Ovalau and the flat atolls of the Tuamotu Archipelago. On your next Feadship charter, discover how each island nation shows off its distinctive flair, eye-catching panoramas and impeccable crystal waters in its own unique way.

Te whangami a-hei new - cathedral cove zealand

Indian Ocean

The Sanskriet name for this world's third largest oceanic division is Ratnākara 'the mine of gems', which would explain for the hidden wonders that can be found here. Whether your charter holiday takes you to the amazing Seychelles archipelago or the exquisite Maldives, you will be sure to be stunned.